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MR-Y6B Screw Tap Re-sharpener

1. Specialized in grinding screw tap. 
2. It’s precise, easy operation and efficient, also can save large sum of expense for purchasing blade annually.
3. With diamond wheel can be secondary re-used, with accurate angle and long service life.
4. Self-development Y6B can grind flat tap’s cutting lip and face, and spiral flute tap’s front cutting face. It can grind 2-flute, 3-flute and 4-flute.
 Standard with CBN grinding wheel for the HSS material, Optional SDC grinding wheel for the carbide material.
Grinding range:M5-M20
Point angle:5°- 30°
Standard Two piece of grinding wheel:CBN (for HSS)
Grinding the flat tap * 1 piece
Grinding the screw tap * 1 piece
Standard collet chuck: 3 flutes * 1 piece; 4 fluts *1 piece
Standard collet :ф5, ф7, ф8, ф9, ф13, ф14
Optional two piece grinding wheels : SD(FOR CARBIDE)
Grinding the flat tap * 1 piece
Grinding the screw tap * 1 piece  
Package Dimension:48×30×33cm   
screw tap grinder

Grinding Effect
screw tap grinding machine

Product Demonstration
screw tapping machine
It is accurate and fast,easy operation,with no skill requirement to grinder. It also can save the costs,increase work efficiency.
screw tap resharpener
Self-development Y6B can grind flat tap's cutting lip and face,and spiral flute tap's front cutting face. It can grind 2-flute,3-flute and 4-flute.
screw tap resharpener machine
The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor:stable frequency,strong horsepower and can be used for a long time.

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