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MR-X6A End Mill Re-sharpener

1. Portable end mill grinder can grind two flute, three flute, four flute and six flute ( size should be bigger than Ф12mm). Choosing can grind five flute
2. Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation, with no skill requirement to grind easily.
3. With diamond grinding wheel, only one piece can complete all procedures.  It can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and long service life.
4. MR-X6A  can grind both face and side of end mill.
Mill diameter:Φ4-Φ20
Point angle:0°-5°
Standard Equipment  Face grinding wheel:SDC230 (for Carbide)*1
                   SDC 150 (for Carbide)*1
Side grinding wheel:SDC(for Carbide)
9 collets:ф4、ф6、ф8、ф10、ф12、ф14、ф16、ф18、ф20
20# collects:ф6、ф8、ф10、ф12、ф14、ф16、ф18、ф20
4 collet chucks:
4 flutes (4-14mm)×1 piece;                     
6 flutes(4-14mm)×1 piece;
4 flutes(14-20mm) ×1 piece;                     
6 flutes(14-20mm)×1 piece;
Optional Equipment
Face grinding wheel:CBN230 (for HSS) or  CBN150 (for HSS)
Side grinding wheel: CBN (for HSS)
end mill sharpener ebay
end mill resharpening machine
14 mm end mill
MR-X6A end milling cutter grinding machine for spiral milling cutter side edge targeted grinding effect, still use fool operation design, without any grinding experience can also quickly start, whether you are small and medium-sized enterprises, family workshop,
14 mm end mill
MR - X6A cutter grinding machine, than MR - X6 cutter grinding machine, milling cutter radius increased to Φ Φ 4 ~ 20, and do the corresponding collet, collet group, the grinding wheel and grinding diameter expanding
end mill resharpening machine
Fool grinding, milling cutter end face, center Angle, clearance Angle, side edge grinding, accuracy to ensure that within 0.02mm, can be used for circular rod type high-speed steel, tungsten directly cutting edge.According to the material of milling cutter, it can be equipped with CBN grinding white steel cutter and SDC grinding wheel for grinding hard alloy.

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