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MR-A5 Complex Re-sharpener Of Tap & Drill

Specialized in grinding screw tap. It's precise easy operation and efficient, also can save large sun of expense for purchasing blade annually.
The electrical controlled high-rate DC motor features stable power, strong horsepower, efficient and long service life.
Developed and researched A5 can sharpen the screw front angle, front cutting lip, front cutting face.
Drill bit can sharpen the drill bit point angle, lip relief angle and front cutting lip, you also can control the centre spot at random instend of centre drill, easy vent scraps, relax drill.
M20 tap shank is within 14 for grinding.
Complex MR-13 and MR-Y3C
screw tap grinding machine


Product Structure
screw tapping machine

Grinding Effect
screw tap resharpener

Prodct Demonstration
screw tap sharpener for hss
Complex re-sharpener of Tap & Drill,one machine with two functions, easy to use,economical and practical. Front of the machine with a collet drawer.
screw tap grinder manufacturer
It is portable grinder,grinding is accurate and rapid,with no skill requirement to grind. With Taiwan diamond grinding wheel. back of machine with power cable.
screw tapping tool
Standard 12 pcs of ER20 collets:3-14mm,put in the front collet drawer for easy to use. Three more spare space to put additional sizes of the collet. 
Put the machine on steady workbench, clean the grinding dust in time after finish working. Well maintained to achieve better effect.

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