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Gear grinding machine

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(1) Shaped grinding has become the general development trend of future grinding technology. In recent years, the shape grinding machine has gradually replaced the forming gear grinding machine in many fields, especially in the field of large modulus gear grinding. Almost all of the gear grinding machines are used. Mainstream.

(2) Complex functions and centralized processes. KAPP's KX300 grinding center, Samputensili's S400GT, and Liebherr's LCS280 worm-shaping gear grinding machine can first use the CBN worm large grinding wheel for rough grinding, and then use the CBN small forming grinding wheel to finish the gear. In addition, the machine tool integrates automatic loading and unloading, automatic tool setting, tooth grinding, and in-process inspection, which greatly improves the processing quality and production efficiency, and will definitely become one of the development directions of CNC gear grinding equipment.

(3) High-speed and high-efficiency gear grinding machines. Gleason-Pfauter Group's P60 hobbing compound machine tool has a tool spindle speed of up to 12000 r / min and a table speed of 3000 r / min. Reishau-er's RZ400 worm wheel grinding machine processes a spur gear with a module of 4 mm, a number of 27, and a tooth width of 50 mm. The grinding time is only 0.82 min.

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