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Please use before and after the air compressor gun, clean all machine dust, especially the grinding contact hole clean, to ensure the machine life. Replace the grinding wheel correctly, loosen the fixing screw, open the protective cover of the grinding wheel, remove the fixing screw and the fan blade, take out the grinding wheel, wipe off the contact surface of the grinding wheel and the shaft center, put the new grinding wheel into the shaft center, put back the fan blade and the fixing screw, then the fixing screw is locked and the cover is returned to the protective cover of the grinding wheel, and the fixing screw of the Shell is locked to complete the operation.

MRCM Main products include: CNC tool grinder, drill bit re-sharpener, end mill re-sharpener, screw tap re-sharpener, lathe tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, universal cutter grinder, universal tool grinder, chamfer, tapping machine, vise, magnetic drill machine, sucker, permanent lifting, and so on. From research, develop, manufacture, to sale, our products strictly implemented the ISO9001 Quality Management System. We also continuous innovated and improved our enterprise management system to improve efficiency, provide professional, reliable and high-quality products to serve customers around the world.

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