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In the processing industry, how to effectively maintain and maintain milling cutters is a problem that every manufacturer should pay attention to. Generally speaking, we all hope that our milling cutters can be used for a long time. This is a question of costs and benefits. Therefore, learning how to maintain and maintain milling cutters is our first consideration. The following will introduce you to Daily maintenance and maintenance methods of tungsten steel milling cutters.

When the axis line of tungsten steel cutter and the edge line of the workpiece coincide or are close to the edge line of the workpiece, the situation will be very serious. The operator should do the relevant equipment maintenance work:

1. Check the power and stiffness of the machine to ensure that the required cutter diameter can be used on the machine.

2. The overhang of the tool on the spindle is as short as possible to reduce the impact of the milling cutter axis and the workpiece position on the impact load.

3. Use the correct milling cutter pitch suitable for this process to ensure that there are not too many inserts engaged with the workpiece during the cutting to cause vibration. On the other hand, ensure that there are enough inserts when milling narrow workpieces or milling cavities. Engage with the workpiece.

4. When placing the cutter, avoid contact between the cutting edge and metal objects. When the drilling and milling machine is stored in the warehouse, special equipment should be provided to ensure a certain distance between the milling cutters to avoid mutual damage between the cutting edges. If stacking is required, a thicker piece of paper can be placed between the milling cutters. The shank-type milling cutter generally uses a plate rack with holes at a certain distance to insert the shank of the milling cutter into the hole.

5. Make sure that the feed per blade is used so that the correct cutting results are obtained when the chips are thick enough to reduce tool wear. Indexable inserts with positive rake grooves for smooth cutting results and lowest power.

6. The inserts of the milling cutters of drilling and milling machines should be arranged for special storage to avoid damage to the cutting edges and wrong models. For the complete set of gear milling cutters, they should be placed according to the specifications. Those who do not need to be grinded after processing should pay attention to the tooth groove cleaning. In order to avoid passivation and rust affecting the milling cutter shape and dimensional accuracy.

7. The sharpness and completeness of the cutting edges of drilling and milling machines are the geometric elements that constitute the shape accuracy of milling cutters. During placement, handling, installation and disassembly, care should be taken to protect the cutting edge accuracy of the milling cutter. Even if the milling cutter is used for post-feed grinding, care must also be taken to protect the accuracy of the cutting edge.

8. The milling cutter sent after use should be cleaned, and the milling cutter that has been used for cutting fluid should be cleaned of the remaining cutting oil and chips in time to prevent the surface of the milling cutter from oxidizing and rusting to affect the accuracy.

9. For long-term unused tools or relatively humid working environment, pay attention to apply anti-rust oil to protect.

10. The accuracy of the clamping position of the milling cutter is relatively high. If there are burrs and protrusions on the bottom of the sleeve milling cutter and the clamping plane, it will directly affect the installation accuracy. In addition, the milling cutter of the drilling and milling machine has high hardness, which is relatively difficult to repair. The installation, disassembly, placement, and transportation processes are small, and the protection is half-minded.

11. The special drilling and milling cutter must be stored and used according to the technological requirements, and the cutter number should be engraved on the neck of the milling cutter and other parts that do not affect the accuracy of Anmei.

12. Taper shank cutters and cutter bodies with internal thread at the end, care should be taken to check and maintain the accuracy of the internal thread to avoid accidents during use

13. Follow tool maintenance and repair rules and monitor tool wear.

Only by doing maintenance work on tungsten steel milling cutters can the tool life be effectively extended and work efficiency improved.

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