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1. When the bench vise is installed, part of the jaw of the fixed vise must be outside the edge of the vise.

To ensure that the workpiece is not hindered by the edge of the clamp when clamping the long workpiece. 2. The bench vise must be firmly fixed on the bench. The three compression screws must be tightened so that the vise body does not loosen during processing, otherwise it will damage the vise and affect the processing. 3. When clamping the workpiece, only use the force of the handle to move the handle. Never use a hammer or other sleeve to move the handle to avoid damage to the screw, nut or pliers. 4. Do not strike the workpiece on the jaw, but on the platform that fixes the jaw body, otherwise the jaw will be damaged. 5. Screws, nuts and other sliding surfaces need to be kept clean and lubricated.

When the bench vise is installed on the bench, the working surface of the fixed vise body must be at the edge of the bench.
In addition, to ensure that when clamping a long workpiece, the lower end of the workpiece is not obstructed by the edge of the clamp table. The middle hole of the swivel base should face inward, so that the bench is more stressed and will not crush the bench. After the bench vise is installed on the vise table, the height of the operator is more suitable. Generally, the height of the jaw is exactly flush with the elbow, that is, the elbow is half-fisted at the highest point of the bench vise, and the punch just reaches the jaw. The length and width depend on the job.

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